Wayne Business Services

Our Services Include:

  • Tax planning

Lifestyle changes such as marriage/divorce, death, change in dependents, changes in income or retirement can have a dramatic affect on your tax return.  A consultation can help be sure you will not have an unfortunate surprise when you enter the next filing season.

  • Tax preparation

Professional preparation of your Federal and State Income Tax Returns.  All returns are electronically filed as required by the IRS and States.  We also prepare other returns such as State Sales Tax Returns and Highway Use Tax Returns.

  • Estate planning

Helping preserve your estate for your intended heirs.  Reducing exposure to estate taxes and probate costs. Coordinating with your legal advisors.

  • Payroll processing

Designed for the cost conscience small business owner with less than 25 employees.  Service includes payroll calculation, check printing, filing of all necessary State and Federal reports/deposits, and year end W-2 statements.

  • Bookkeeping

Service designed for the small business owner who desire to focus his/her time and effort to the day to day operations of the business.  We provide monthly/quarterly Profit and Loss Statements along with bank account balancing to assist you in accurate tracking of your cash flow

Just because the tax filing deadline is in April doesn't mean it's time to close up shop.  We are open year round to assist clients with any tax matter that arises.  Whether it is completing a return that is on extension, filing a past year's tax return or needing to respond to letters received from a taxing authority rest assured we are here to help.